I’m in class at this very moment (I know, supremely rebellious of me), and we’re talking about good design. One of the points was about how the stylus has really been put out by most companies because of the success of the “stylus-less” iPads. Steve Jobs once said that there’s no point in having a stylus when we have 10 styluses of our own to already work with (you could make that number 20 if you have the unusual tendency of using tablets with your toes). Any ways, this article is a note to the contrary, saying that we shouldn’t be hating on the stylus for much longer. I don’t particularly agree, that is unless the stylus reaches the point where it reaches the full precision of a pen to paper. However, those days could be coming soon! On another note, this is my 3 hour class and it’s merely half over. Hopefully I’ll be able to survive the rest of it!


Ever since I started in the design game more than 15 years ago, the stylus has been on the verge of death, or on the verge of a comeback depending on who you talk to. Thanks to the tablet, it seems the stylus is having a renaissance. If you do a search on Kickstarter for “stylus” you will find about 31 projects. I personally have backed three of these projects and have purchased a total of 7 different styli in my quest for the perfect iPad companion (my current favorite is the Lunatik Touch Pen). Why do I want a stylus? While I love my iPad for email, Web browsing and media consumption, I know it could reduce my need for pen and paper if only I had an accessory that afforded me more precision than my chunky index finger.

The iPad’s success is a sign that we…

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